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Why Do I Need DynIP?

The DynIP Client allows you to register a personalized
Internet name that can be used by others to connect to your
computer. Once you have an Internet Name for your computer the
uses are nearly unlimited!

Here are some examples:

  • connecting to a client's computer system through remote access

  • connecting to branch offices for file sharing

  • controlling and running mail servers

  • managing web or FTP servers

  • running online video conferencing

  • talking over the Internet with voice conferencing software.

Your personalized Internet name will be available within
minutes after running the DynIP Client program. Your Internet
name can then be used by anyone, in any existing
Internet application, to refer to your computer. You no
longer need to post your dynamic IP address to a web page, or
email your friends your current IP address. You can even
submit your Internet name to search engines to bring
customers to your site

The DynIP Client can be used with any kind of Internet
connection, including dial-up, cable-modem, DSL, wireless
modem or a LAN connection.

You can also customize your DynIP Service with your own domain
name. Visit our web site at for details.