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What Our Customers Say

DynIP subscribers are a world-wide group, including: Engen, Germany; Northampton, USA; and Toronto, Canada.

"I first learned about in mid 1997. I used the trial but didn't want to pay for the year. Now that I use my home computer from my office, I find that it is among the most important investments I've made in a while. I use a program called PC Anywhere to access data from the office without having to bring my computer to the office. I find that with my DSL line, it's almost like I'm home without being there. I would certainly pay for another year when it comes time. You will not be disappointed in the least. The monthly breakdown is more than fair."
P.Morris, California, USA

Here's what our subscribers are saying about DynIP Service: "Great service - always reliable - updates fast!"..."This is an awesome service! Works great!"..."Great service. How could we live without it?"

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